Ahana Krishna has given a scathing reply to people who used bad words against her

Ahana Krishna made a notable comeback last year with the film Luka.The actress played the role of Niharika in the movie starring Tovino Thomas.After Luke, the actor was active in Malayalam again. Last year, Ahana’s 18th film was also released.Ahana Krishna is active on social media despite her busy schedule. The actor arrives to share all his new experiences.Ahana was active on social media during the lockdown. The actress arrives by sharing pictures and stories with her family.

The new video of Ahana Krishna has also become noticeable. The actress has come up with a love letter for the cyber attackers on social media.Ahana’s new video has been released on my youtube channel. Recently, Ahana shared an Instagram post linking the triple lockdown and the gold hunt in Thiruvananthapuram.While some spoke in polite language about this, some came on the scene insulting and criticizing the actress in very bad language.Ahana has since come up with interesting responses to such cyber attacks.The actress has named her new video ‘A Love Letter to Cyber ​​Bullies’. At the same time, the actress says that she does not mean this in response to a direct cyber attack.

Ahana says she is not a victim and that those who use bad language should be ashamed of themselves. Ahana says that if you are a person who has a mobile phone and spends too much time telling someone bad things about them, you are also a cyber attacker.When you make comments like this, it shows who you are and what your personality is. It’s not just his family, it’s your family.It’s not me, it’s your pet. “If your comment got 250 likes, it means there are 250 more cyber attackers in the world,” Ahana said.Ahana ends her video by saying that if you think that she can speak Malayalam now without understanding any of the old things while watching her video, then she knows how to speak Malayalam well.

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