Actress Manju Pathrose scathing reply to the comment

Manju Pathrose is a person who came to the screen through the reality show ‘Mazhavil Manorama’.The actor also appeared in Big Boss, the biggest reality show. The audience hated Manju, who had horned Rajith in Bigg Boss.This was the main reason for Manju’s exit and when the audience doubled their hatred, some even interpreted Manju’s love affair with Fukru in a different way.There was a lot of bad talk about it on social media. Manju had replied to all this.Days after his release from Bigg Boss, the cyber attacks on the star have not ended.The actor has been sharing screen shots of those who sent him bad messages on social media and is still getting negative comments for many of the pictures he shares. The actress had shared a picture on social media the other day.

It was a film with actress Durga. The film was shared as a memoir. The film received a lot of negative reviews from critics.‘Oh well. Manju’s response was, “I found a little thief.” The reaction from Manju was different from usual.
Manju is not only an actress but also a great singer.Manju’s beautiful songs were heard by the audience through the Bigg Boss show.At a young age, Manju also studied classical dance. With the arrival of Bigg Boss on the reality show, Manju got more audience attention.Manju is also a vlogger and is also active on a YouTube channel called Blackies. Sukumaran is the all time immortal actor of Malayalees.Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the memory of actor Sukumaran, who performed an unforgettable performance. While contemporary actors have played many roles on the silver screen, there is no doubt that actor Sukumaran came to the silver screen without much fuss or makeup.

The audience could also see Sukumaran in most of the characters played. That is why Sukumaran’s tough and tough personality has a lot of fans.Later, Sukumaran’s acting tradition was passed down in Malayalam cinema through his children. In the 23rd year of the demise of the beloved actor, all the stars of Malayalam cinema have come on the scene as tributes and flowers of remembrance.Movie serial star Manju Sunichan has also come on the scene to pay tribute to Sukumaran.

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