Kerala bows at your feet, sister

The hero in Kerala is Anujith from Kollam. Anujit, who saved the lives of about 100 people at the age of 18, died at the age of 28 and gave life to eight others.It was his wife, Princy, who made him a hero with the pain that Chunk was going through.Anujith, a native of Kottarakkara Ezhukon, was the driver of a college bus in Thiruvananthapuram before the lock down.After the lockdown began, he was working in a supermarket when he was riding his bike to save the person in front of him.

Anujith fell head over heels. This led to death. The accident happened on the 14th. He was admitted to the hospital unconscious.Brain death was confirmed yesterday. Usually doctors talk to relatives about organ donation. But here’s it.Anujith has said many times that if there is anyone in this world who is not me, let him live.Organs are donated for the fulfillment of his last wish. These are the words of my younger brother’s wife, Princy. The two had earlier signed the consent form for the Mrita Sanjeevani project together. He said that even when he was signing.Prior to this, his life was a model for pious deeds.

Princy sighs at the memory of her younger brother who always went to donate blood and help the sick. His death could not be reduced to a death knell. We and our friends decided to do the best we could.Anujith’s best friend Premjith said that despite the pain of her husband’s demise, the decision to donate organs was made by Anujith’s wife.Anujith not only revived eight people but also left. Anujit is also the person who saved 100 people from a train accident. The incident took place in 2010.

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