Pain from birth

Anxiety as well as anxiety during preg-nancy is one of the biggest emotions you experience emotionally in your life. In some cases, we even see preg-nancy endangering the life of the mother or the baby.However, these circumstances are not a factor in deterring a woman from becoming a ‘mother’. No matter what the sacrifice, she …

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Suresh Gopi gives a big surprise to his son Gokul Suresh.

Gokul Suresh is a man who followed in his father’s footsteps and came to cinema. Produced by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas and directed by Vipin Das.Gokul Suresh’s first film was the romantic comedy Muddugau, directed by Friday Films in 2016. Gokul also played a major role in Ajay Vasudev’s 2017 Christmas film Masterpiece, Mammootty. …

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Hemalatha virally

This is the age of social media and it has many pros and cons.Social media, which has been instrumental in helping people during the floods, has also been implicated in cr-imes that have led to many d-eaths.Most of the forwarded messages are sent to the next person regardless of whether they are true or false. …

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