Dulquar’s car competed just behind to beat Prithviraj’s car

Movie stars have different actions. Prithviraj and Dulquer Salman are among those who love speeding in luxury cars.The stars, who were at home in Lock Down, have now come down the road in luxury cars. A video of such a death patch was also released.The video of Prithviraj and Dulquer Salman racing with luxury cars has now been released.Dulquer is not only interested in the latest models but also the classic models. Prithviraj is not far behind either. The star has several cars.Both are interested in driving and also find time for driving during movie breaks. The players took to the streets on Ettumanoor Kochi Road in Kottayam with a thrilling car race.

The black front car is a Lamborghini driven by Prithviraj. Soon after, Dulquer Salman himself is with his favorite porch. Both faces are not seen in the video but cars can be seen.Among them is Aju Mohammed Lamborghini, a friend of Asif Ali’s owner Lamborghini. The video shows actor and DJ Sekhar driving Dulquar’s super car in red.Below the video are several comments. Prithviraj is also the player who has received a lot of trolls in the name of the most expensive car Lamborghini.When the stars come out with the car, the fans are in a hurry to capture it on camera. The video was recorded by a young man speeding on a bike.

Though the faces of the stars are not clear, the youth say that it is Prithviraj and Dulquar. The youth are happy to see Prithviraj and Dulquar unexpectedly. This car racing competition of the stars has also been taken up by the fans.The youngsters chased the stars for a long distance but Prithviraj’s Lamborghini and Dulquer’s Porsche came unexpectedly as the road became less congested.At the same time, with the release of the video of the players’ race, the criticism is rising. Some people question whether the traffic rules apply to any of them.Anyway now this video has gone very viral on social media. Celebrities love cars and bikes.From star Mammootty to Dulquer Salman have often spoken openly about their love of vehicles.Their collection includes everything from old classic models to newer models. The Megastar family is not the only one to have such vehicle collections.