Jayasurya scored A + in all subjects for Plus Two.

The Plus Two results came yesterday. At the same time, the children who got the best result jumped up and distributed sweets.At that time, a full A plus guy was at his work place in Marakara in Malappuram without anyone knowing.Jayasurya is a student of Rajas Higher Secondary School, Kottayam.But the hardships of life made him a workaholic. Jayasurya came to know about the result through a friend.The result came and you have a full A plus. Jayasurya was working in the heat when this phone call from a friend came.

When I heard the result, it was concrete on the shoulder of the pan. He wanted to forget himself, but he did not.He continued his work, thinking that I could not study without this work.Everyone who worked with him was shocked to know the result during lunch. Everyone believed when the result was shown on the mobile.Jayasurya was shocked that even the locals who bought Full A Plus could not go and study for hire. Jayasurya’s father was injured seven years ago and is unable to get up in a rented quarters.

Jayasurya’s only son was raised by his mother in Akri Perukki. But what if my mother went to work alone to pay for her father’s medicines and rent a house?That is how Jayasurya came to work. Jayasurya was also ready to fly accessories with her mother.But his mother forbade it. The mother wanted her son to study and become smart. Jayasurya then went to school during the school holidays, ignoring her mother’s objections.The family came here from Tamil Nadu years ago. He learned it at work.It was Rajaseel who took Commerce for the study plus. He goes to work during the holidays. Study is done before going to school and at night.Jayasurya says the teachers at the school were very supportive. Jayasurya, a teacher, wrote that Jasiya is our favorite too

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