Letter written by father to Kani Kusruthi

Kani Kusruthi is a well known model and actress. The actress is the daughter of social activists Maitreyan and Dr AK Jayasree.The actor often shocks social media and fans with his photoshoot pictures.The actor has now shared a letter given to him by his father on his 18th birthday.In the letter, Kani Kusruti’s father says that it is not easy to establish oneself in a mixed cultural society of different caste, creed, ethnic, political and male hegemonic values.

Here are some relevant parts of the letter: My dear daughter Kanik, today you are 18 years old.You have become a person who has the constitutional right to make independent decisions in India.In this context, I offer you some support and promises as a person who has played an important role in nurturing you along with your rights and responsibilities.You need to live as an independent person from now on in a mixed cultural society of different caste beliefs, racial, ethnic, political differences and male dominance values.It’s not easy to get a foothold here. I’m giving you this post to look at one of the situations where you doubt which is right and which is wrong.

The majority of the society has values ​​and laws that are designed to control men by treating women as second class citizens.Men have been robbing women of their sexual rights in order to control them.Your sense of freedom is against the values ​​of masculinity. So I realize that there are plenty of opportunities in life to get over it.I hope that my further promises to reduce the severity of those blows will give me physical and mental strength.Declare support for your right to leave home and move.In the letter, Kani Kusruti’s father says that it is not easy to establish a male-dominated values ​​in a mixed cultural society.

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