Fans call Pooja over-acting

Uppum Mulakum is one of the favorite shows of the miniscreen audience. The series is jumping past a thousand.Recently, Pooja Jayaram’s character came to Poovada.Pooja came with the desire to marry the hairdresser. Pooja Jayaram is played by Ashwati, the presenter of Surya Music.Many asked if Pooja had replaced Lachu. Different opinions have been raised regarding the arrival of Pooja.A group of people said that it was the pooja mass that reached the salt and pepper despite knowing that there would be comparisons with the target.A group of viewers commented that the character of Pooja was not needed for the show which was progressing well. Many people say that with the advent of pooja, the desire to watch this show has diminished.

A fan said that Pooja might start at Star Magic and that there should be no salt and pepper. The fan post is now going viral through the fan page.Fan Note Thus, I am an audience member who regularly sees the Salt and Pepper show. Five people pretending not to be in front of the camera. Balu Neelu Keshu Shivani Mudiyan.With the ability to act without even a script, the salt and pepper that shook the Malayalam world. It’s just writing because it feels like it’s going downhill in the name of just an actor.Pooja is a good actor. There is no doubt about it, but it often seems that over-acting is on the rise even in dialogue delivery.Like a character who can’t fit into that family. The child has no connection as a hairdresser. Feels better as you get older.

It seems that 5 other people have risen to the level of pooja, perhaps because others have not been able to stand together in the episodes since the pooja came.Pooja Jayaram will have the ability to start with Star Magic as an audience with that kid whose rating has plummeted.There can never be more sincerity from pooja than calling all five children mother and father.That call itself felt like a thousand miles away. All we need is old-fashioned Uppum and Mulakum.Hopes that the Uppum and Mulakum will return to the tastes of the audience. This was a fan post.

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