Finally, Pradeep Chandran told the truth

Pradeep Chandran, one of the favorite actors of the miniscreen audience, has recently got married.Anupama’s proposal came before she went to Bigg Boss. It was thought that we could think and decide.The wedding took place during the lockdown. He says it is a great pity that many of his loved ones, including Chetan, could not attend.
The couple shared the news in an interview with his wife on various YouTube channels after his marriage.
The family was disappointed that the marriage did not take place at the age of 38. While acting, movies and serials, they did not pay much attention to marriage.

The matrimonial profile was created by the householder. There were many suggestions that came to my mind.Anupama says she was initially worried. Fans are now discussing the stories of Pradeep Chandran and Anupama.It speaks volumes about things. Both are not idle talkers. Anupama talks for a while but still points out the points.They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Both are good licensees. It says exactly what matters. Pradeep said that is what goes into the sink.

Anupama also said that both of them would understand in the same sense. Since I was working in Thiruvananthapuram, I went and saw it directly. Both were worried about whether the actor and techie would be right.That’s it. It was only after talking that I realized where this was going. Professionally we talked about Miss Match.It was decided after months of talking. Pradeep says that Chettan was an engineer who knew about working in this field.The marriage did not take place in the mandapam. It was initially decided to get married in Thiruvananthapuram. Meanwhile, the triple lockdown came. I saw comments like whether he got married against his will or not.Pradeep Chandran also commented on that. Everyone in attendance knows that the wedding took place in a small hall of the house.

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