Prithviraj’s daughter writes her own note in a notebook

Prithviraj belongs to one of the favorite star families of the audience. Whether it is a movie or something else, the focus is on the moment.Prithviraj is at home with Supriya and Alankrutha as there was no filming when Corona died.The mother and daughter are happy that Prithviraj has returned days later. The actor went abroad for shooting for a Aadu Jeevitham.Meanwhile, their wedding anniversary has passed. With the lockdown down, Decoration asked Daddy’s return.

From the moment he was born, fans took over the ornament called Ali. Prithviraj had said that we both call her Ali and many call her Alli.Supriya Menon has now spoken about her daughter. Supriya has now arrived to tell about Kurup during the Kovid period of decoration.Tara’s wife also shared a photo of Kurup. Earlier it had arrived decorated as his own handwriting.Prithviraj shared a note written by his father on Father’s Day on social media. I just flipped through Ali’s notebooks and saw her covid note.

I realized how much they care about our conversation about covid and the adaptations associated with it.This period can be very difficult for children who have been locked up at home since March 2nd.They learn a lot from schools, interactions with others, friends and playgrounds.They are not getting that now. Here we are talking about the beginning of Ali covid, his liberation from it and his new normal life.

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