Swathi shares her experiences after marriage

‘bramanam’ Swathi is the actress who has made a name for herself as the character of Haritha in the serial.Swathi was able to impress the miniscreen audience with her performance as a villain and heroine in the serial Chempat.
The actress got married two months ago.Swathi is the only daughter of her parents and hails from Bharathannur, Thiruvananthapuram.Though she has acted in the serial ‘Chempat’, Swati is notable for her haritha in bramanam.Swathi was married to Pratheesh, a revolutionary activist, after a love affair for the past two and a half years.

The actress had made it clear to her family that she was opposed to the marriage. Eventually, he secretly went to a party with Pratheesh and tied the knot.The actress is sharing her post-wedding experiences. The actress interacted with the fans through Q&A on Instagram.Since she was the only daughter in the house, she had been in love at home from the very beginning. But they also did not expect to be serious.She got married on the run after realizing that her family would not consent. After getting married, she went straight to Kochi.

The actress is now leading a happy life with her husband. The actor talks about his marriage while interacting with the fans.The actress responded with a laugh to the question of who is more romantic.Commenting on romantic marriage, Swati says that one should marry someone who understands the whole thing. If so it will always be beautiful.And we can always be open, ”says Swathi. The star also tells the story of the bramanam.

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