Actress and Bigg Boss star Veena Nair reacts to a bad comment

Actress Veena Nair is familiar to Malayalees through serials and movies. Veena Nair has made a name for herself in the comedy series ‘Thattim Muttim’.Veena is an actress who has established herself in Malayalam cinema with her debut film Vellimoonga.Now there are many opportunities for Veena. This is when Veena arrives at Big Boss.It is noteworthy that Veena came to the show after parting ways with her 3-year-old son. After the end of Big Boss, Veena came to share the news.Big Boss saw another face of Veena than the poor character on the outside.Veena is also a person who responds well to anything. Fans were amazed to see the star who had previously spoken to Jasla with a sigh of relief at Bigg Boss.

Veena regularly shares her baby experiences and experiences with her husband on social media.Fans take over the friendly conversations they have with other Bigg Boss stars and the very funny and funny comments they give to their pictures.Now, Veena has exposed a person who made an obscene comment below one of her posts.Veena has opened an account in the name of Johnson Thomas. Veena has come to the scene by saying that every time she sees a negative comment, she would say “i cant” and it is no longer possible.”Whoever you are, you will be legally punished for what you did within 24 hours,” Veena said.

Bigg Boss star Veena Nair is now active in Tik Tok as well.Veena is also active in Bigg Boss after Arya. Veena is posting a lot of videos on Instagram.A video that was shared the other day is now going viral on social media.Veena played a role played by Kavya in the film Ananthabhadram. Veena shared the video with the caption ‘Sreejachechi’s voice is most suitable for Kavya’.Actresses like Mukta and Manju Pillai have praised Veena’s performance.Mukta wrote that it was your eyes. Also, most of the audience commented on the beauty of the star’s eyes.Veena Nair is the favorite actress of the Malayalee miniscreen audience.

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